Dechaine (138 bpm - F)

by PsybAIR



Airi & Argonaute
it was a sunny day when we started that track.
so we spend some time in front the house recording some noizes
then we used a lot of steel chains (HH, some percusive elements, ... manipulate them to do some pad and atmosphere ....
it is from where come the name: déchainé (in french it mean: unchained)

v-250 (7.2.2017)
v-257 (6-7-2017)




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psyberpunk Switzerland

produce "Psychedelik Dance Music" since 1994

From 95 till 2002 he run the "Psyber Metissage" show @ Couleur 3 (National Swiss Radio)
He Played for labels such as: Return to the Source, Peak, Sub System, Shaman Electro, ...
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